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Photo Works from Kay

Kay has been an active member of Doncaster Camera Club and the Australian Photographic Society since 1976 and of the Doncaster Templestowe Historical Society since 2003. She still participates in these groups. After contracting a disease about a decade ago that progressively destroys the muscles in arms and legs she now lives in an Aged Care home, moving about in a powered wheelchair. Although unable to use a camera she still enjoys making and sharing photographs. She has a device…

Feedback on Justice and International Mission Cluster work areas

So please fill out the survey over the page and post it back to:Justice and International Mission ClusterCentre for Theology and Ministry29 College CrescentParkville, Victoria, 3052 Or e-mail your feedback to Please provide your feedback by 31 January 2021. The cluster can only adopt new issues if there are enough people who want to be resourced on it. The levels of response are: Strong support – you are willing to be very active on the issue, such as encouraging…

MIdday Prayer

We know that people are tired of zoom and being online.  It’s been a long time!  Perhaps you are finding prayer and worship difficult at this time.  This is a prayer or liturgy resource called Midday Prayer which you could use at home with your family or on your own.  It is written by Rev Dr Sally Douglas, Minister of Richmond Uniting Church.  It has responses to prayers and you can choose your own readings so it could become a holy habit,…

As we are working under COVID-19 restrictions, we are worshipping online until further notice.
This is so that we can keep everyone safe and, as much as we can, slow down the spread of the COVID19 in the community.

Worship Online

Worship – 22 November 2020

Join with us are Worship this week is looking at Jeremiah 36:1-8, 21-23, 27-28; then 31:31-34. Led by Rev Beth in her final service with the Manningham UC congregation