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Journey of Hope to Christmas Morning station 1

As we begin Advent, we enter a time of expectation and anticipation.  Christmas churns up so many memories of celebrations as well as feelings of grief and confusion. These stations, written by our Minister, Rev Claire Dawe, offer you the opportunity to focus on the Christmas message of hope through the lens of justice, grace and love.  Every few days, a new station will be available for you to ponder.  We hope they will encourage you to connect these ancient…

Fresh Theatre Camp

The Manningham Freshies headed off to Camp Oasis in Mt. Evelyn for the annual FRESH CAMP. Where they met up with all the other Freshies from across the other 3 Fresh Youth Theatres. Over the three days the Freshies were given the opportunity to explore creatively through a number of different challenges. It started with our wide game, where two teams competed against each other to gain the most points by capturing pegs from each other. The teams came up…

Environment Victoria says climate change now manifest

This story looks at current environmental degradation and puts into question the survival of the planet, our only home. For over 30 years the world’s leading climate scientists have warned us that climate change is man-made, and that as it progresses, adverse weather patterns will develop and become more intense, last longer and be more disruptive. Such events are now happening all around the world. Jane Stabb, Community Organising Manager of Environment Victoria, a lobby group, does not want her…

Worship Reflections

Walking God’s Way

James Tang’s Reflection ‘Walking God’s Way’ 27 October 2019 Bible Reading: 1 Kings 12: 1-20,25-29

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